Web Design

A website is one of the most critical components of your business. It is widely known that an effective website, whether it be used for ecommerce

or the like, needs an eye-catching website design coupled with user-friendly infrastructure that attracts customers to your products and services.

Our talented and friendly graphic and web design team creates this for you.


Web Development

The development of your website is the nuts and bolts of your online identity. Our web design team works with the most current World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards to provide agile and accessible web design to your customers.


Information Architecture (IA)

How your customer moves through your site is just as vital to a successful web design, as are the more obvious visual design components most consumers notice. If your potential customers cannot move through your site easily to find the information they need—they remain just that, potential customers. Ponder this equation: Poor web architecture + awkward user experience = lost business.  We make sure that solid information architecture

and intuitive navigation elements keep your customer engaged with all your business has to offer.


Shopping & E-Commerce Integration

We utilize Shopify and Woo Commerce, tried-and-true platforms in your ecommerce website—allowing our knowledge of user experience (UX) to work

for you.  How the user navigates your site directly affects your ecommerce sales. Creative People Design works one-on-one with you to reach your customer retention goals, impacting your site’s shopping cart in a real way. Important to note, is that fact that in our ecommerce design your site is fully functional through SSL (Secure Sockets Layers), the standard security technology aimed at protecting you and your customers.


Content Management Systems (CMS)

Do you need more functionality for your website? Do you have a team that needs an easy-to-use web interface, but doesn’t have the background

of a developer? CMS (a content management system) is a great choice. Creative People Design uses our CMS to create a wordpress website that makes

your site up-to-date and secure. Using Wordpress gives you the ability to make your site interactive for customers at a very reasonable price, simply because Wordpress offers plug-and-play functionality—allowing updates to be made easily with a few clicks of a button.


Copywriting & content review

Writing content for a website is not a science; it’s an art. How your site content is written directly affects how often your site is found by search engines—equating to increased contact with your customers. Our dedicated copywriters make sure your content is compelling and search-worthy, creating

the marketing presence you desire. Creative People Design provides copywriting services, which convey your voice and your brand without making your content seem like a canned advertisement. Instead, you will look clear and confident in your marketing communications.


Search Optimization (SEO)

Getting yourself found by internet search engines can be a challenge; one that we can help you surmount. Our web design team makes sure your site

is built with SEO in mind from the get-go. Using the appropriate SEO tools in tandem with solid information architecture attracts search engines. Creative People Design will help you get your website indexed properly, allowing for increased traffic. We focus on guiding your target audience to your site

in an organic, yet precise way, through using tested and effective SEO standards.


Social Media strategy

Social media is a great place for your business’ personality to shine. How you structure your social media marketing will impact your business’ bottom

line and needs to be considered as part of your business strategy. We will partner with you to create a sustainable social media strategy that can grow

with your business.


Branding & Print integration

Your branding strategy is essential to marketing your business identity and getting the recognition that will help your business prosper. A cohesive brand communicates a successful business through both your web and print advertisement. The team at Creative People Design will help design your brand from scratch or build on your existing brand so that it gets a new and updated look, whichever suits your needs best. We will make sure that your image is clear and consistent throughout your marketing materials from web to print advertisement.


Hosting & Domain Services

We offer a variety of hosting and domain options depending on how hands-on you'd like to be. Hostgator is our preferred hosting partner, however,

if you have hosting and domain services currently implemented, we are happy to work with them.


Web Education & Training

Getting up to speed with your new website can feel overwhelming. That is why Creative People Design offers educational training to help you and your team take advantage of all your new website has to offer.


Instructional Design Services

Do you need specified online training for you business or group? We have a resident Instructional Designer that can design, build, implement, and train you, your team, and your customers.


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